Tracking Order

Know where your items are at all times!

After your order has been shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number and website. (Please make sure your email and phone number are valid)
There are two ways to get the above information from us
  <1> Visit our website and log back in to check the updated status.
  <2> Check your email and we will send you an update status to your email.
  <3> Check your SMS, we send your tracking number and website via SMS.
Note: (If you can't check the tracking number immediately, please be more patient and wait for a while).
*Non-delivery or error.
- If you provide us with an incorrect or incomplete address, we are not responsible for re-shipping.
- For customers who do not receive their parcel within 20 working days.
If you have questions about your package, you can always contact our after-sales customer service:
Email: [email protected]
Our customer service staff will answer your questions promptly.